The United States Furniture Industry Continues to Rise

August 10, 2021 , Furniture

Carolina East, Inc., based in Winston-Salem, NC, is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the country. The company is one of the five original members of the American Iron Association (AIA). As a result of this association, the company is acknowledged as a metal fabricator that specializes in making iron chairs and other wrought iron products. The company has been providing customers with quality furniture and outdoor patio furniture for over eighty years. During its history, the company manufactured, sold, and delivered an enormous variety of high-quality patio and pool table sets to local retailers.

Apart from offering furniture to local retailers, Furniture Manufacturers Distributors, Inc. (FMDI), also distributes furniture to some of the largest furniture markets in the country. Its warehouse facilities are located throughout North America, in addition to China, and it ships to the U.S. and Canada. In addition, Furniture Manufacturers Distributors, Inc. ships its products to Europe, South America, Japan, and Asia. This company enjoys the largest furniture markets in the world. It offers a complete line of patio and pool tables, dining room furnishings, bar stools, bedroom and office furnishing sets, bedroom furniture sets, and accent furniture.

Among the well-known names in the home furniture market are Mayline, Shaw, and Westinghouse. Each of these top furniture manufacturers operates with a network of distributors in key residential and commercial areas. In addition, all these manufacturers employ thousands of employees nationwide. They use a disciplined manufacturing process that assures top quality products, the lowest possible prices, and fast delivery. Because they have large stores and thousands of outlets nationwide, these manufacturers are able to meet the demands of any décor or design theme.

One of the best known furniture manufacturers is Aspen Home, Inc., which is incorporated in Mayville, Colorado. The company manufactures both interior and exterior furnishings. Most importantly, Aspen Home is noted for producing award-winning beds, desks, dressers, and other bedroom and living room accessories. Among the famous accessories manufactured by Aspen Home are the following:

All the above mentioned manufacturers employ qualified craftspeople who possess knowledge and experience in each area of their product portfolio. These manufacturers are able to create high-quality, long lasting, and beautifully designed furnishings. Many homeowners prefer to purchase the top grade designs from these innovators. Because the market is flooded with low-cost alternatives, these manufacturers are well positioned to grab a big share of the global furniture sales pie.

Each year, thousands of innovative ideas from the finest designers are brought forth in the form of outdoor furniture. In this regard, it is heartening to note that the numbers of global and local companies manufacturing high end contemporary outdoor furnishings have increased at a rapid rate over the last decade. Furniture manufacturers in the United States have been providing a wide range of products to customers across the nation. If you are looking to invest in the manufacture of high end furnishings, consider all options available from one of the best manufacturers of furnishing solutions in the USA – contact Aspen Homes.